Now, if you want to book a time with me and desire a little more than just chatting a sensual date, full of psychodrama and pleasure, maybe a Sensual Date experience you are looking for. As a lesbian myself, I know that there isn't a lot of online erotic content/experiences catered for us specifically (wlw, lbgtqia+ communities). I want to change this and scheduling a sensual date with me is a way I can provide this.

            Through a virtual sensual date, I can give you a customized immersive experience, just for you, in a way that makes you feel any way you need: Wanted, desired, beautiful, sexy, sluty, dirty, degraded, adored, appreciated, seen, etc. I am your sapphic secret. Selflove, care, attention is important. This is also an experience that is built of boundaries, safety, trust, and discretion. Let you feel the pleasure and emotions you crave and desire. Schedule your sensual date with me, your sapphic secret.