"I had never seen a more flawless specimen than this wild looking siren..." -Meredith T. Taylor

Congratulations, my little hopeful. You have found Me. Whether you sought Me out from Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or another platform, welcome. Now, kneel before Me for my introduction…

If you’ve come to play, I encourage you to go to my Booking page where you will find everything I have to offer, from custom erotic audios and videos to live cam shows, if you are lucky enough to receive a spot on my schedule. I do enjoy the anticipation and excitement of a scheduled session…

If you’ve come to learn, you are in for a decadent treat. I take respectful and honest communication and education very seriously. Not only do I expect you to be eager to learn, but know that I am also constantly learning and growing as well. Wouldn’t it be exciting to go through this journey together?

For those ambitious and serious enough to want to serve Me, you may go to my Application page. Tell Me about yourself. See whether you are worthy enough to be chosen and trained by Me in the Menagerie.

For those not quite ready, I do hope you will stick around to learn. I will be updating my Musings page more often, not only with tantalizing treats that await you on my various platforms, but also with educational blogs for the curious. Is this your first venture into the world of BDSM? Are you curious about what it’s like being a submissive? Perhaps you’re already in the lifestyle, but you strive to learn more about certain aspects you’ve yet to explore. Don’t hesitate to tell Me what you’d enjoy learning about… after all, I am a wealth of knowledge. So, comment below. I command you.



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