Come here, My little pet. . .let Me play with you. . .

Why, hello, my little hopefuls. As you may already know, I call all of my submissives my “pets.” This is my endearing term for the individuals who choose to graciously gift me their submission, and allow me to be their Domme. So, it’s only appropriate that we discuss pet play.

Pet play is a kink where individuals roleplay as an animal. If we really want to be technical, pet play could be categorized under “animal play,” which can include imitating animals through sound, action, or wearing certain gear. What I love about BDSM is the amount of creativity is limitless – you can be any pet you want, whether it’s the standard domestic pet, or a completely mythical creature!

So, why would anyone want to be a pet, you might ask? Because it’s fun, of course! And as a Domme, I love owning so many different pets. For many of my submissives, they enjoy pet play because it reminds them and reinforces My ownership over them, which allows U/us to create a deeper D/s dynamic. Aside from fun and ownership, it can be a great psychological and emotional release for some submissives as they allow themselves to let go of the roles they are supposed to play in vanilla life. For others, it may be a vehicle to regress into a more carefree place where they may be taken care of or trained by their Dom/me.

Submissives that enjoy pet play generally discover this kink by reflecting within themselves and seeing which animal they identify with most. Some enjoy being puppies or kittens, while others pick more exotic animals. Pet play also provides fun gear for the Dom/me and submissive to explore, such as collars, leashes, kennels, bondage to restrict movement, toys, cute headband ears, or tails. The equipment and costumes can be quite elaborate! Naturally, individuals can always identify with more than one pet or animal. There are no rigid rules when it comes to discovering and exploring your own kinks!

As with all equipment, players must be careful. Some individuals use training or shock collars as part of their play, which requires extreme caution to ensure no one is actually injured. Similarly, some will incorporate the use of kennels, collars, and leashes, all of which could cause damage from prolonged or inappropriate use, which is especially considering when it deals with an individual’s neck. Since this is just a basic overview, please be sure to do your own research, be careful and be safe! Kink safely so you can kink another day ;)

Are you into pet play? Comment below and tell me about your pet experience. What kind of pet are you? When did you discover you were into pet play? How does either being an Owner or a pet fulfill you? Owners, how do you train your pets? I’d love to know!

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