Are you alone? Press play and let me guide you through how this works. Or. . .maybe you’re in public, you naughty little thing. If that’s the case, put on your earphones and let me whisper the guide into your ear.

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” –George Orwell, 1984.


Do you want to know a secret, dear visitor? I am a Sapphic. Like, a whole ass Sapphic. It took Me a long time to admit it to Myself.


I had no issues labeling Myself as bisexual, no issues admitting that I adore BDSM and consider it an integral part of my life, that I was previously trained a submissive, that I used to be a pro-Domme in a dungeon, that I take nude photos and make sexually explicit content and plaster it all over the interwebs, and that I am an online pro-Domme now that loves training submissives for protocol and service.


But admitting I was a lesbian? Pfft. It was a secret that I hid even from Myself since adolescence until. . .this year, actually. Apparently, everyone else knew before I did, but no one bothered to tell Me.


So, 2021 marked the year that I fully embraced the fact that I am a woman loving woman (“WLW”), that I am a lesbian, that I am an Alpha Femme Domme, but more importantly, that I am finally free to be authentically Myself. It took some life-altering events, deep reflection, and a “coming out” to Myself to arrive at this realization. In fact, for awhile, those life-altering events and this realization took away My spark, My excitement, and the love I had for My work. What happens now? The industry I’m in generally caters to men. Could I really just continue on in My industry without suppressing a huge part of who I am?


I kept thinking the answer was “no,” but I was so tired of being a “kink vending machine.” I’m all out of D-1, I don’t want to give anyone else a Kit Kat bar, damnit. I was burnt out on constantly trying to stay on top of an algorithm on platforms that did not market to my desired audience anyway. I was on the verge of quitting.


That is ultimately how this site came into fruition today, even though it has been a concept and a dream of mine for years at this point. I realized. . .fuck, I love women. I also adore connection, dates, play, flirting, teasing, denying, seduction, and erotic exploration. I love secrets. And I love when people trust me with their secrets.


Looking around, I saw no one was offering this type of service, and certainly no one was specifically catering to the sapphic market. So, I took the leap. I’m facing My fear, I’m embracing My self, I’m headed out to forage in this untapped market, and I’m hoping it attracts the connection and the audience that I want to reach.


So, that’s My secret. Now, how about we work on exploring yours? ;)