Why, hello there, my little visitor! Welcome, welcome. . .I’m so glad you came, and I do hope you will stay awhile with me. As you see, my website has been completely revamped for several reasons, but namely, to make sure that I am more inclusive of all of you! I’m a pioneer, damnit. Just don’t ask Me to go on the Oregon trail. . .I would legitimately die of dysentery. 

If you are viewing this on your mobile device, your experience is going to be slightly different, but exciting nonetheless. In order to optimize for mobile devices, I decided to utilize my favorite possession: My voice. . .My words. . .which means you get to use your imagination. ;) However, if you visit the Desktop site, you get to experience Me in video format. Think of Me as your own personal Dungeon Master….OOOOH Dungeons and Dragons … anyway, follow Me. . .let’s go on a journey together!