Well, Hello there little one…Let me introduce myself before you continue your journey. I am Domina, also known as Siren SaintSin. For over 20 years, BDSM and kink have been an integral part of my life. Being trained in the BDSM scene I became a Professional Dominantrix working in a dungeon and eventually shifted into the online sphere of domination and SW. As a Pro-Domme and a Sensual Sadistic Sapphic FemDom I have vast experience in many fetishes/kinks and a particular specialty in High Protocol Training and the art of Auralism. In addition, I am a certified sexologist and life coach: focusing on intimacy and alternative lifestyle relationships (kink, LGBTQIA+, etc).

Recently (through much self-reflection) I came out as a lesbian and have started embracing my authentic self as an Alpha Femme Domme… It is a fact that I love women, that I want to help women. To give them the ability to embrace their inner self: their inner desires, fantasies. I understand their need for a feminine connection and/or intimacy. I really do love women. I also adore connection, dates, play, flirting, teasing, denying, seduction, and erotic exploration. I love secrets. And I love when people trust me with theirs.

Are you a woman/non-binary/trans/femme-identifying person?  Do you want to go on a virtual date, enjoy each other's company? Or do you have a fetish you want to explore in a safe, secret, and secure setting? This all can occur if you book a time with me. You are indeed, allowed to invest in your own wants, needs, and desires. Let me, Domina, be your guide, as you continue this journey.

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