Why hello there, pet. You've come to seek to know more about Me. Your curiosity has gotten the best of you hasn't it? Well, then perhaps you should kneel as I tell you a story. 

For 23 years I have lived the BDSM/fetish/kink lifestyle. I was orginally trained as a submissive by Mistress Raven and Master Dominic in Colorado for 3 years. There I learned the subtle art of mental D/s and power exchange. It was then I fell in lust with the ability to submit and Dominate with understanding the complexities of the human sexual psyche. Although I would not be proficient in this for many years it was the foundation of my growth into the Domina I am today. 

A few years later I became a pro-Domme at a local private space in Denver and was taught the proper implementation of safe and effective impact play. I still get tingles at the thought of bringing someone to the precipice of pleasure through pain. It is intoxicating to say the least. 

Education and communication have always been the base of the BDSM lifestyle and I take that very seriously. I strive to always learn, grow, and amass knowledge in order to bring fantastical delights to the submissives that serve Me. 

In my world I am Domina, the ruler of MY domain where gynarchy is law and the feminine divine is to be worshipped. Sensuallity, sadism, eroticism, and devotion are the covenants W/we follow strictly.

I do not seek pets that wish for me to take control over their whole lives. I seek the submissive that wants to devote themselves to me for my entertainment and pleasure while I mold them into the best possible version of themselves in kink, life, spirituality, and relationships. A powerful being who subjugates themselves to me is more enticing and enthralling than the sniveling wretch who has no mind of their own.

My fetishes and desires vary and are influenced by the unique intricacies of each D/s dynamic, I do have particular favorites I play with. Though some may seem innocuous, it is the way I use them to assert My dominance and energy consuming you:

Boot Fetish - Shoe Fetish - Foot Fetish - Hand Fetish - Glove Fetish - Nail Fetish - Ass Worship - Tit Worship - Goddess Worship (NO NUDITY only TRUE Goddess Worship) - Lip Fetish - Spit Fetish - Oral Fixation - Hair Fetish (play and brushing) - Breath Play - CBT (Cock Ball Torment) - Castration Fantasy - Leather Fetish - Vinyl Fetish (sorry no latex) - Chasity Training - Edge Play - CNC Fantasy - Electro Play - Figging - Feminization - Bimbofication - Impact Play - Giantess - Vore - Sounding - Nylons/Stocking Fetish - Strap-On Worship - Tease and Denial (My FAVORITE) - Begging Fetish - Ignore Fetish - CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) - Kneeling/Protocol Training - Predicament Bondage - Service Submission Training

My favorite implements of play and torment are:

Floggers, canes, slappers, wartenburg wheel, violet wand, spider gags, bits, anal hooks, rope, cuffs (metal and leather), paddles (wood and lucite), chastity devices, leather hoods, cages, TENS machine, bamboo skewers, single tail whips

This list is not exhaustive. As a Domina I understand those under my guidance may seek other needs to be explored and that is always discussed further should you seek to opporutnity to devote yourself to me. 

Want to be a pet for me to play with, mold, and enjoy? Join The Menagerie and experience delights you've always dreamed of. 

That ache you feel right now is your desire to serve. Give in and let yourself experience something you never have before. 

Don’t deny your true nature,
book now to serve your Domina.

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